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Fine Arts & Literary Club

“Fine art is that in which the hand, the head and the heart of a man go together.”- said John Ruskin.

The arts as important as academics and they should be treated that way in the curriculum. The arts club of this college is always vibrant with activities. Students are encouraged to participate in intercollegiate university level cultural meets other competitions held outside the campus, besides taking part in special day celebrations and co- curricular activities in the curriculum. Literary events are also being conducted by the arts/literary club of this college. Arts experiences boost critical thinking, inquiry skill and aesthetic sense. Art integrated learing provides an equitable learning environment for all teacher trainees through their own access points. Students regularly engage in art activities conducted by our club.

The college arts festival is conducted each year with a unique name. in order to ensure the maximum participation from every student and inculcate in them a spirit of competition, all the students are grouped into four houses. The competitions are conducted house wise. Our college conducts both on stage and on stage events.



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ARTS DAY 2021 - "Festivista"
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"Malhar-2019", Arts Festival 2019-2020
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"Chilanga" Arts Festival 2018 - 2019
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Arts Festival and Christmas Celebrations, 2013-2014
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