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Science Club

Science clubs are association intend to provide an opportunity for students to participate and explore activities related to science. The activities organized by science clubs are usually student oriented as it supports and nurtures the interest of the students in science. It energizes students, helps them develop skills and talents which satisfy their instinct and urges. Some concept in science cannot be taught either in a laboratory or in a classroom, for teaching such concepts science clubs proves to be useful. Objective of our science club is to develop vigour and enthusiasm in future science teachers and coming generations.



"Sapling Planting programme" on World Environment Day
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Seminar on "Does global warming really exist". Resource Person - Mr. Basheer
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Talk on "Alzheimer's Disease: Causes, Precaution and Cure". Resource Persons - Sr. Rincy.
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Workshop on "Innovative Chart Preparation".
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A Debate on "Is there life on other planets?".
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Preparation of Science Tree in connection with World Space Week
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Visit to Haritha Biological Park, Panamkuzhy, Kodanad
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