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Commerce Club

Commerce Club is a great way to spark a child’s interest in learning. It gives students a chance to question how or why things work and work toward solutions. A Commerce Club can give students a safe environment to learn and interact with others with similar interests. It can also provide a safe place for students to explore and discover, especially for those who may not have strong support at home. We do not need to be teachers or economists, managers to start a Commerce club; just bring our enthusiasm to inspire young minds. Our club can also prepare students for commerce fairs/ projects, tests, and material they will learn in the future. When we start a Commerce Club, we are helping the community by inspiring young people to learn and earn.

Objectives of Commerce Club:

  1. To expose students to meet the practical challenges in the current business scenario.
  2. To let the students interact with business experts of industry.
  3. To encourage students to become various college event managers.
  4. To build self-confidence and proactive approach.
  5. To increase financial literacy among students.
  6. To develop the knowledge of e-commerce for earning money through internet.
  7. To generate and discuss new business ideas and business plan.
  8. To make students prospective entrepreneurs who is not a job seeker but a job creator.

Members of Commerce Club:

  1. Patron…. Ms.Carolene K Abraham
  2. President…. Harikrishna
  3. Secretary.... Nisma Nasrin
  4. Publicity Officer.... Parvathy R
  5. Web Master…. Jaseela V S
  6. All students of commerce are members of the club.


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