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The Cyber Security is a newly formed cell in MES Training College, Edathala. With the increasing use of digital technologies, cyber security has become a critical issue that affects people from all walks of life. The Cyber Security Cell will play a crucial role in ensuring that students and staff are aware of the potential dangers of the online world and take necessary precautions to protect themselves. The Cyber Security Cell aims to provide a safe and secure online environment for students and faculty by preventing cyber threats and addressing cybercrime incidents. On 20 th March, 2023, the M E S Training College, Edathala inaugurated its Cyber Security Cell with the following objectives:

Objectives of Cyber Security Cell

  1. To address issues related to cyber security and cyber addiction.
  2. To create awareness among students, faculty, and staff about the importance of cyber security and safe
  3. online behavior.
  4. To prevent cybercrimes and create a safe online environment for everyone..

Structure of Cyber Security Cell in MES Training College, Edathala:

The Cell Comprises of Seven Members:

  1. Representative from the college management
  2. College Principal  (presiding officer)
  3. College Cell Coordinator
  4. Three student representative members

The Current Members of Cyber Cell in MES Training College:

  1. Prof. Dr. M.K.Muhammed Aslam (Secretary, MES Managing committee)
  2. Prof. Dr. T.P. Omana(Principal,Presiding Offcer)
  3. Ms. Ninumol K A ( Faculty member and Cyber Cell Coordinator)
  4. Ms. Sajeenath ( Senior Student representative)
  5. Mr. Bibin Paul (Student representative)
  6. Ms. Vincy Mathew( Student representative)


Cyber Security Cell Inauguration
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