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Dr. T P Omana MA(Eco), MA (Soc), M.Ed, Ph.D, NET

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Education is the path of salvation that enables mankind liberation from misconceptions and self-limitations, and leads it towards prosperity and happiness. In the present world which is still dark and bleak, and plunging deep in chaos, the system of education is left with the role of transforming this society into one of a heavenly civilization overflowing with joy, compassion, harmony and self- sufficiency. It is imperative that as pioneering spear heads in the accomplishment of this great mission, the educators and teachers must display great resilience and tenacity to outgrow all obstacles and raise to the level of angels or deities in their role with great devotion and sincerity. The vision of MES Training College, Edathala accords with above principle.

Dr. T P Omana, Principal

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    HAND BOOK 2023 - 2024

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    K-TET Qualifiers 2021-23

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    World AIDS Day Observation

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    ESPOYO-2K21: Annual Sports Meet