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Vice Principal

Ms. M K Bindu MA, M.Ed, MPhil, PG Diploma in PR

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Education is about awakening....
Awakening to the power and beauty that lies within all of us. Teacher education programs deliver generations of teachers who in turn educate the generations of pupils and students, who on their part carry with them and transform the knowledge and skill required in schools colleges and universities during the rest of their times and works.. Teacher education refers to the policies, procedures and provisions designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, attitude, behaviours and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in the classrooms, schools and wider community.

"We welcome to the abode of teacher trainees"

Here is a place where teacher trainee is chiselled into a role model with punctuality, clarity of expression and planning, sensitivity and compassion. The degree holder metamorphoses into a physician who knows the pulse of the children in front of him, a magician who carries them away to the unfathomable land of imagination, a healer who touches the heart with the potion of love and a gentle Guru who shows the way, waiting patiently on the side walk to see them search ahead and reach their destinations...

Ms. M K Bindu, Vice-Principal